Day 4: Welcoming 2018 with Feng Shui


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In the past 3 days, you've learned about one of the 4 methods to identify the wealth corner in your home, what to place and what not to place in the area, as well as the importance of setting a positive money intention.
So on Day 4, we'll discuss the 2018 Feng Shui flying stars, and suggestions to prepare your home for the new year!

What Are Annual Flying Stars And Why They Matter?

In the Classical Feng Shui School, the term “annual flying stars” are used to represent the annual movement and changes of seasonal energies. In Feng Shui we use lunar calendar and similar to Astrology, the annual flying stars change their locations on 4th February ( Lichun, Beginning of Spring) every year.
Therefore the 2018 Year’s Feng Shui Flying Stars are effective and prominent in affecting our living environments from 4 Feb 2018 to 3 Feb 2019.

How To Apply Them To My Home?

Props You’ll Need:
  1. A Compass, or a Compass App installed on your phone
  2. A clear file (or transparent sheet), a marker and a ruler
  3. The Floor Plan of You Home - which we did on Day 0

1. [IMPORTANT STEP!!!] Follow the tutorial here to map out the 9 quadrants of your home:

2. Look at the below chart and see which star is falling into your front door (most important), bedroom and living room (where you stay the longest time).

*Abundance Feng Shui Placement for 2018:

Put WATER in the East, South East and South West respectively. For “water” I refer to running water, so distilled water doesn’t work. They can be in bottle or glass, or water-based plants, fish in bowls, or water in decorative items. If this is not applicable, you can replace the water with water or money symbolic items we mentioned on Day 3.

***Important Notes for a Safe & Healthy 2018:

1.Avoid any renovation, constructions or significant movements (like moving large pieces of furniture or equipment) in these 3 areas: North, North West, South East. Otherwise, you are risking in stirring up the hostile energy in these zones which could increase quarrels and sickness in your home. At best, plan your renovation work ahead and end them before 4 February 2018 (When spring commences).

2.Important placements to weaken the Hazard and Illness stars in the North and the West: Metal objects which make sounds like metal music boxes, bells, single bowls and windchimes.

3.Choose to stay in the Good Vibes areas more often. The extent of the annual stars’ impact to you would highly depend on the length of time you stay there.

    Day 4 Challenge: Plot the 9 areas onto your Floor Plan! 

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