About Me

Hi! My name is Shu. 

Growing up in a Chinese metaphysics family, I started learning Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment from my uncle since I was 13.
Yet, there are many outdated concepts and superstitious thoughts being mixed into this ancient wisdom of home placement.
🌳We are one with our environment.🌳 To have a loving and high vibrational home space, we need to maintain positive energy flow in where we spend most of the time.
One of my missions is to promote Feng Shui to the general public WORLDWIDE so every family can DIY their ways to align their vibes with the environments.
Afterall, every family has a home, and this knowledge should not be guarded by "Masters". Hopefully one day, Feng Shui will become a common sense to everyone.
2018 is coming and I feel that many people will benefit if you know how to DIY your home placement to fill your home with good vibes!
So I have put together an FREE 5-day Raise Your Money Vibes Challenge, which is an intensive Feng Shui home makeover. Each day you'll learn a concept and an easy action to boost up the vibes of your home!
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