How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing, vibrant and soothing energy. Follow the below Feng Shui tips to turn your bedroom into a Retreat!

Quality of Air in Your Bedroom

When we are asleep we are more attuned to our breathing and would become more sensitive to the quality of air. Make sure windows are opened, fresh air is coming in and clutters are removed from the room which allows more space for air to flow freely.

Vintage Chinese Dragon Wind Chime Bell Feng Shui

Bed Directions

When we fall asleep, we are vulnerable and need to feel SAFE. Move your bed against a solid wall and facing the door so no one can surprise you. Moreover, close your door at night to keep distractions such as noise and pets out. 

Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Avoid using strong, stimulating colors like Red, Orange, and Neon colors if you are having sleep difficulties. Use beige, light blue, light green for your beddings and wallpaper to create a soothing, cooling energy which induces you into the sleepy state. Also, choose bed linens you love; a circular design can be soothing.

Lotus Flower Wall Sticker Art 

Pamper Your Senses

A truly restorative bedroom makes all of your senses feel good. Try adding an incredibly plush rug or a chenille throw. Aromatherapy with a calming scent like sandalwood, lavender can help, too.

7 Aura Colors - 3D LED Night Lamp

Ceramic Joss Stick Incense Burner

Bedroom Art Feng Shui

The best feng shui advice for choosing bedroom art is to choose images that you want to see happening in your life; images with nourishing, happy and beautiful energy. Unless you enjoy being sad and lonely, do not use sad and lonely images in your bedroom. Best art for the bedroom are images related to the emotions of love, happy relationships, body healing, and intimacy.

Cuddle this cute little elephant while dreaming

No TV, Computer or Cell Phones

Your bedroom should be exclusively reserved for relaxing and resting only. Electronic radiation is known for interfering our brainwaves. Moreover, the sound and visual lighting stimulation from TV and computer could bring stressful energy before your sleep. Keep your cell phone away from your bed or at least switch to the aeroplane mode while sleeping to minimize the radiation.

For cell phones, try your best to keep your cell phone away from your bed or at least switch to the aeroplane mode while sleeping to minimize the radiation harm to your brain.


All in all, a good feng shui bedroom should create a peaceful atmosphere that induces sleepiness the moment when you step onto your bed. Be mindful in your bedroom choices!



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