How to Boost Your Brain Power and Improve Your Memory in Natural Ways?

As a Wellness Specialist in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) by day, I'm asked every day on how to boost brain power and improve memory in natural ways.

So today I would love to share my 2 cents with all of you:

Brain Power Boost #1: Stimulate your palms and feets.

Have you heard of Reflexology? We have a representation of all vital organs in our palms and feet. So when we stimulate our palms and feet regularly, we have better circulations throughout the body, and the brain.
You can use a tennis ball, Chinese Health balls, or reflexology stick to stimulate the acupuncture points to promote circulation flow. Best time to do this would be early morning or late afternoon.

[Tai Chi Hand Massage Health Balls]

Brain Power Boost # 2: Are You Sleeping Well?

You don't need me to remind you that how important sleep is to our health and brain functions.
When it comes to pillows, you do have choices. Forget about space form, which is really bad for grounding (don't listen to Advertisements!).I've been using Buckwheat pillows for many years, and their natural, malleable and cooling nature is really soothing for a good night sleep.

[Tiger Pillow filled with Natural Buckwheat Hull - Handcrafted, Chinese Cotton, Relieve Neck Pain]

Brain Power Boost #3: Can you concentrate? 

Our minds don't forget things. We sometimes find the difficulties in locating the door signs to access our memories. 
It's time for you to take some "Mind Showers" - i.e. Meditation or mindfulness practices. If you are the kind of person who just can't sit still and empty your mind, try using rhythms to induce your mindful state.
You can use a Metronome. Or a Wooden drum, where you can keep knocking and recite mantras if you wish.

[Wooden Buddhist Drum Rhythm Maker]

Brain Power Boost #4: Nutrition!

To us holistic healers, we notice a "superstition" in many people who believe that there will be a "magic pill' for every health issues. No, we don't need more chemicals in our bodies!
If you want to be smarter, watch your diet and check if you are getting enough Vitamin Bs, Omega 3, and protein from natural ingredients?
Nuts, eggs, fruits and fish are wonderful. Wolfberries are great too for brain and eyes. Ginkgo Leaf and Ginseng are best for those in their 50s+ in preventing memory loss.

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In the end, it all comes down to our daily habits. Hope that helps!


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