11 Powerful Ways To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

protect from negative energy

As a sensitive person, and an empath, I always feel like the world is too demanding of me.

Wherever I go, I can draw people to me without any efforts  - but most of them find me when they need some emotional throw-ups. While I LOVE being a part-time counsellor, or just a quiet attentive listener, I can't help but absorb some of their negative vibes into my being.

That explains why sometimes I can get emotional without apparent reasons. Or that I become agitated when things go wrong for the first time but I feel like I've experienced it a THOUSAND times.

But who's there for me when I need help?

Only until very recently, I started my training to become a healer. One of the first (and most important) skills I need to acquire is to be able to set boundaries between myself and my clients, so that we can BOTH protect ourselves from negative energies.

To me, this is a profound concept. and I would love to share 11 ways I found powerful in my experiment process:

1. Set Limits: Distancing yourself from the source of negative energy is necessary. Think of it this way: if a negative person were chain-smoking cigarettes, would you sit beside them all day inhaling their second-hand smoke? No, you wouldn’t – you’d distance yourself. We need to be assertive and love ourselves enough to give ourselves breathing room!

2. Dedicate Ample Time Every Day To Self-Care: We healers tend to give too much without spending enough time to pamper ourselves. We need to refill out tank regularly so we can continue to give! So make a daily routine or rituals every day and promise to stick to it religiously. For me, I love to block my own calendar for "self-care time" so I get reminders every day to love myself more!

(Art & Crafts also have healing effect)

3. Sound Heals: Sounds of chimes, bells and gongs have been used in practices such as yoga to dispel negative spirits. In the modern world, wind chimes are known for their relaxing effects. The vibrations created by sounds of chimes and bells resonate through the air breaking up stagnant and negative energies. They also vibrate your energetic body and attune you to different frequencies, strengthening your psyche and spiritual power. 

4. Laugh it off: Laughter is not only the best medicine for sickness but it is a very effective tool for clearing lower energy. Joy is the highest vibration there is, so it works beautifully for canceling out lower vibrations. You probably won’t feel like laughing when under the influence of these negative energies. If you need some stimuli, watch this video.

5. Dance it off. Moving your body is an effective grounding practice. Skip like a child for a minute or longer is effective to counter the depressive or angry thoughts (or the sudden negative emotional state you got into)! Work best when you dance with your favourite party music on! Clapping also works beautifully, especially when combined with singing a fun tune, a joyful song or whistling.

AAA Natural Black Tourmaline to Shield Negative Energy

6. Maintain a Level of Emotional Detachment From Other People’s Opinions of You: When your self-worth are derived from the opinions of others, you are no longer in control of your own happiness. Over the years I've learned this the hard way  - people 's opinions only reflect who they think who I am, but not ACTUALLY who I am.  We can never please everyone anyway, so just go with your heart.

(Get this cute Little Buddha figure now!)

7. Bring Mindfulness In Your Responses: When you encounter someone with a negative attitude, don’t respond by throwing insults back at them. Reacting only keep both of you at a low level of vibrations. A lot of times what behind the attacks, whether it's in verbal, energy or physical form, is FEAR. When you help them recognise the fear underneath their violent act, you bright light to the shadow part of their being so they can heal faster.

8. Let Go Of The Desire To Change Others: We are all in different stages of our spiritual evolution, and you can't force people to learn their lessons faster when they are not ready. When you try to change people, they often resist and remain the same… but when you don’t try to change them – when you support them and allow them the autonomy to be as they are – they gradually change in the most miraculous way. Because what really changes is the way you see them.

 9. White Light Meditation: Science continues to prove that meditation is a powerful healing practice. You can use a very easy and short meditation to protect yourself from psychic attacks. During such a meditation, close your eyes, calm the breath, and then image in the mind’s eye a bright white light forming a protective shield all around your body and any other person or object that you want to safeguard. It is up to you how long you keep your eyes closed and how bright your light will grow, and as you open your eyes continue with the meditation by trusting that your white light will continue to surround, protect and comfort you.

10. Smell - Sages, Essential Oils, Incenses: I believe the benefits of burning sage or using essential oils to refresh your home is not new to you. Similar to sage smoke and diffused essential oils, incense is also known for its purifying and cleansing properties. a bonus benefit of using stick incenses is the flame - gazing the flame during the slow, steady burning process can be a calming meditation too! (Pair it up with elegant incense holders like this, this and this!)

11. Watch Your Words: Words are really powerful. You can create your own mantra with phrases and words that resonate with you and help you shed all negativity. Like:

"Breathe in ______, Breathe out ______"

(Rainbow Color Buddha Art Painting)
eg. Breathe in compassion, breathe out hurt
Breathe in light, breathe out heaviness
Breathe in love, breathe out jealousy


I wish the above methods could help sensitive souls out there. Let us be powerful healers by becoming more powerful ourselves.

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